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The Jews in Poland. To Save from Oblivion. To Educate for the Future
"The Jews in Poland. To save from oblivion. To educate for the future" is an educational service for teachers and students, containing basic information on Jewish history and culture. The site contains materials useful in teaching tolerance.

"The Jews in Poland. To save from oblivion. To educate for the future" web site aims to raise the issue of tolerance, making young people aware of human diversity (cultural, ethnic, religious, political) and the right to equal treatment. The service was founded in cooperation with the the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam, the Stefan Batory Foundation, the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw and the Polish-German Center Association (which coordinates and develops the service in Poland). The service has a 24-slide multi-media presentation, "The Jews in Poland: Past, Present and Future", devoted to the history and the presence of the Jews in Poland. Since 1998 the exhibition has been presented in dozens of Polish and German cities. There is a description of the "Anne Frank - History for Today" exhibition and the "Diary of David Rubinowicz", showing the fate of Jewish children during the Second World War. The teachers' section has ready teaching materials, lesson plans, bibliographies related to the site's content, and current information on seminars and teacher training sessions. The service welcomes original teaching plans. The students' section encourages submission of opinions and thoughts on the subject matter, essays, and presentations of educational projects carried out in schools. It also contains information on competitions and students' essays.

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