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Search for Common Ground. The European Center for Common Ground
Search for Common Ground (SCG) is a nongovernmental organization employing over 360 people on four continents in 14 local offices. Its activities focus on the prevention of conflicts related to ethnic, environmental and economic problems, and on the development of models for peaceful resolution of conflicts. SCG operations are decentralized. Employees work in specific locations, getting to know local communities and using the native language. Working in countries such as Macedonia, with were conflicts and disputes are intense but violence has not erupted, is as important to the SCG as working in countries that have experienced bloodshed.

SCG organizes a huge number of cultural and artistic events in many countries, confers Common Grounds Awards, produces radio and TV programming, and trains journalists. It also trains young leaders in particular communities, so that their potential can be put to use in the process of reconciliation and conflict resolution. The leaders take on large-scale television, radio and Internet projects that complement SCG activities. The organization publishes articles and assists work on them. It publishes books and reports, and does social research. The website also contains useful tools for work on conflict prevention and resolution.
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