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Internet Centre Anti-Racism Europe I-CARE
The online Centre was created in 1999 to inform European NGOs about ongoing preparations for the World Conference Against Racism, organized under the auspices of the UN. Since then, I-CARE has become a forum for the exchange of experiences in combating racism and discrimination, opinions, and information about current projects.

I-CARE website contains a link to a weekly updated detailed calendar of events, and meetings and conferences organized throughout Europe on the topics of racism, nationalism, migration, refugees, etc., managed by international organization United for Intercultural Action. The website contains many links related to human rights, women's rights, refugees, migration, Jewish and antifascist organizations, and government websites. A special address book facilitates searches for organizations of interest. The Centre also has information about project financing (how to find a sponsor, where to look for organizational funding).
Language version: English, French, Spanish
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Downloadable educational materials: resource guide to all countries and regions (maps, geography, history, religion, economy); archive of documents adopted at conferences or meetings dedicated to combating racism and discrimination; conference reports; press articles and publications
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