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King Baudouin Foundation
KBF undertakes initiatives in countries of the EU and Southeast Europe, and engages in transatlantic cooperation. The Foundation mobilizes local people to cooperate in promoting justice, democracy and development. KBF supports organizations as well as individuals engaged in social action. The Foundation employs a staff of experts with diverse points of view.

A current focus of the Foundation is discussion of migration policy. It also organizes debates about Islam and Muslims in Europe. The KBF provides a forum for discussion of ways to reduce poverty and improve living conditions through mechanisms of international trade and investment.

KBF United States, established in 1997, allows American and European businessmen and private individuals to donate money to projects related to KBF objectives. KBF also funds international projects. Since 1980 it has awarded a national development prize to persons or organizations active in the development of Southern European countries and cooperation between wealthy and developing nations.
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