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Stowarzyszenie "Willa Decjusza" (Villa Decius Association)
The Villa Decius Association is housed in a Renaissance palace of the same name in a picturesque neighborhood of Cracow, Poland. The Association's work is based on the idea of bringing together renowned individuals from the worlds of science, government, business and culture - people of various nationalities and with different areas of interest - for exchange of ideas, for the purpose of promoting pluralism and tolerance in public life. Many of the Association's projects are interdisciplinary, providing a multifaceted perspective on the role of culture in the modern world, on problems of international cultural cooperation, and on methods of managing culture. The role of writers and translators in social dialogue is also significant to Villa Decius programs; the Homines Urbani fellowship program supports writers and translators. The Association deals with European integration, preservation of national cultural heritage, ethnic minority issues, and education for tolerance. Several programs are offered for young people from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, such as the Visegrad Summer School and the Summer Art Academy. The organization conducts workshops and meetings about intercultural education, multiculturalism and the building of civil society.
The website also provides information about the Sergio Vieira de Mello Prize, awarded for special achievements in promoting democracy, civil rights and civic responsibility.

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