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Association mondiale pour l'école instrument de paix (EIP)
EIP is an international non-governmental organization formed in 1967 in Geneva, acting for peace and the promotion of human rights. EIP emphasizes the particular role played by schools and aims to inform decision-making bodies and public opinion about the necessity of education in this field. It promotes tolerance, fundamental rights and liberties, peaceful conflict resolution, and the right to education. In 1984 EIP created an International Training Centre for Human Rights and Peace Teaching (Centre International de Formation aux Droits de l'Homme et la Paix - CIFEDHOP), which organizes international and regional training sessions for teachers. EIP has 36 national chapters in Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania and Russia, among others (not in Poland, however). It serves as a consulting body for UNESCO and the Council of Europe.
The web page is well developed and is an excellent source of information about human rights, especially the right to education, global development, globalization and inter-cultural dialogue. Aside from numerous reports, articles and analyses, the page contains many links related to the subjects. A search function is available.

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